Subconsciously we all seek it through the vast array of mediums in life.  To some a lifeline, others a niggle too tight to shake off. I ponder… Rummaging in my mind how we come about placing standards in our lives  When life is an expansive diversity of living beings. Affirmation, to state publicly. Our friendships,... Continue Reading →


4Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; 5love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; 6love is not happy with evil but is happy with the truth. 7Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail. 8Love is eternal….13Meanwhile these three remain:... Continue Reading →

The two-sided coin

Though we exist as one, in our mind there’s two. Reality vs. dreamer. The dreamer envisions our idealistic selves and desirable expectations. It runs free with endless possibilities, unshackled and weightless, detached from present circumstances. Prancing around with explosive emotions which scatter silently around the feet like rain drops. Conflicting descriptions you ponder but to... Continue Reading →

New beginnings

Sweaty palms dampen iridescent clothing, Heart thuds frantically within chest, Moisture droplets reside heavily on forehead, While cheeks uncomfortably shimmer.   Surroundings are familiar But now the role has changed.   Words of encouragement flutter from lips, Head high shoulders raised, Bracing ourselves.   Excitement ignites within, Accompanied with unease, Too heavy to shift.  ... Continue Reading →

Word play

Logophile, a lover of words.   I love learning new words. I love how my brain thinks of words, Especially ones I’ve never spoken aloud.   My new word, Galvanize. Swirled randomly into my head And just stuck.   Crazy, I know.   Words of affirmation, For sure, Is my love language.   I guess... Continue Reading →


Over the last few weeks I’ve been reminiscing with my family over childhood experiences watched through precious camcorder captured moments. Watching myself twirl and spin so carefree in a ball pit playhouse with my younger sister and older brother. The naivety of a child so endearing. Pondering the question, when do we lose our innocence?... Continue Reading →


Adulting is an interesting process. Transitioning out of the safe zone of formal education and into the realm of working life. Thinking ahead to the future and attempting to imagine how life will be like. Inadvertently looking for representations of lives well lived. In hope that we too may lay foundations to last a lifetime.... Continue Reading →

The beautiful nature of Afro hair ✨

Some days we bloom, But other days your curls drive me insane. Round and round they go, So springing and tight.   To stretch it’s a fight, The heat you don’t like. The straightness is absurd, Your curls are your home.   To some it’s a mess, But its beauty to your eyes. Conforming you... Continue Reading →

Turning point

Will this now be the turning point? We hear loud voices, We see buildings ablaze, We feel the anger rising.   Will our voices now be heard? I can’t breathe, My hands are up, Everything hurts, They once cried.   Will the melanin be treated justly? Our hearts are heavy, The stories too many, The... Continue Reading →

The waiting game

The start Waiting… How does one describe the rumble entwining itself deep within. The fluttering of thoughts flickering back and forth and side to side. To try and elucidate the thinking of another living being, In attempt to comprehend the value of their intentions, How catastrophic.   Waiting… A combustion of inflamed colours illuminating the... Continue Reading →

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