Building blocks

The hardest is the first.

I attempt to comprehend its weight and significance.

Intrigued by the prospects for elevation.

Excited by the neighbouring opportunities to rise alongside.

With expectation I build.


Uncertain territories with the first,

Unfamiliar dimensions with the first,

Emotions bubble,

With the first.


Corners carved precisely for impact,

Centre solid to bear impending weight,

Surface sanded to withstand rising height.


Standing, watching, waiting, contemplating.

Where shall the next block lay.

Up above or down beside.

The plan is up however down shall be tested first.

Foundations of one or two.


Hurry, quick, move,

Time waits for nobody,

They say.


Two becomes three,

Fleeting decisions lasting a lifetime.

I pause.

Overwhelmed with unease.

Building is tough but one must.


What are you building?


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