The waiting game

The start


How does one describe the rumble entwining itself deep within.

The fluttering of thoughts flickering back and forth and side to side.

To try and elucidate the thinking of another living being,

In attempt to comprehend the value of their intentions,

How catastrophic.



A combustion of inflamed colours illuminating the night sky,

Each flame signifying steps being taken along a hidden path.

Clarity appears as the flames expose footprints,

Igniting strength to continue the pursuit.

The end goal, not yet in sight.



Locked in with a myriad of questions lacking answers.

Fallen leaves rustle as the air flows heavy with uncertainty.

The echo of many voices resonates vibrantly around,

Home is safest for waiting now.

Doors are closed but minds are beginning to open.



Time trickles on but we wait.

To look back too heavy and forward too sparse.

Feeling like an entity in space,

Weighted down by just feelings and thoughts.


Reflecting on,

What we once had,

What we once did,

Who we once were,

How we once lived,

We float on by in expectation of touchdown soon.


With time,

The heart grows fonder and eyes look deeper.

Our imagination creates a movie of what could be,

Replayed continuously in a sold out theatre,

With only you there.


The end

Dazzling before the eyes,

The product of the waiting game.


To wait again we might.


In life we wait for many moments.

Often these times challenge and stretch us,

But most importantly of all, it tests our patience.

Waiting is a game, patience is the unexpectant prize.


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