Adulting is an interesting process. Transitioning out of the safe zone of formal education and into the realm of working life. Thinking ahead to the future and attempting to imagine how life will be like. Inadvertently looking for representations of lives well lived. In hope that we too may lay foundations to last a lifetime.

I look to my parents. I smile in appreciation of their guiding presence over me. To raise a child is no easy feat as I have learnt from the world around me. Initially a being solely dependent on watchful and nurturing guardians. Over time becoming responsive and eventually shaped by the surrounding environment. Through to years of rebellion and risk taking. Then observing the passage of time on faces ever so familiar. To the sudden realisation of life evolving and I adulting.

Transitioning 20’s decade of career, financial, health and relationship goals. Setting goals in order to be intentional and purposeful with one’s actions. Investment of time and energy into passion projects not always aligning with the career plan. Pondering on the variety of other career options and contemplating whether what you’ve chosen thus far will keep you content long term.

Having a strong desire to challenge the security of comfort, even though creating an impact in a unique way can often feel futile. Taught the structures of life as we grew, B after A and C after B and that a 9-5 job is what we’ll do. Working for the big man but somehow feeling like there’s more to be discovered and envisioned. It can be difficult letting go of those preconceived notions of what should occur next in life. Daring to challenge oneself to think creatively beyond the confined boundaries of expectations.

To then realising the financial responsibility now possessed. Overtime learning that financial freedom is more than acquiring a day job. Something unfortunately not taught in formal education. Observing the world around with the gradual understanding of what it actually means to have a financial stake in society. Recognizing that some educated risks must be taken in the hope to do better than those before you. Trusting that todays sacrifices will secure a financially free future.

Loving yourself before anyone else. You can only be loved to the extent in which you love yourself. The foundation of every relationship should be a selfless love. In which the aim is not to receive but to give unconditionally to another imperfect being. Vulnerability is a beauty. Simply said by my dad ‘love covers a multitude of sins, 1 Peter 4:8’. If a relationship is going to last there needs to be no facade. It is a life-long journey not a monumental highlight. Being relational, the amazing nature in which one can evolve and grow with another being.

Health is wealth. Creating time to challenge the body through exercise is necessary for good physical and mental well-being. A priceless gift for the heart to beat faster and lungs to work harder. The rewards not always visible but life transforming to the aging process. To eat well is caring for the mind and body. Though all foods may be accessible, choosing what is best for the body and having self-control, will improve health. Regular exercise and healthy eating should be life-long habits. Habits formed from small daily changes which become consistent. Medicine is great but of course prevention far outweighs treatment.

My adult learnings thus far in life.

What have you learnt so far in adulting life? Share below in the comments or message me privately. Would love to hear!



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  1. I’ve learnt in adulting life that… I will teach my children the life of an adult and the reality of it.

    I personally wasn’t taught how to be an “adult”.

    Your not taught how to go through break-ups, your not taught about life-insurance, your not taught about savings-accounts or when to even open a bank account and how it works… the list can go on..

    This was all learnt through experience. Smashing your fantasy and making you realise that life is not the way you ever imagined it to be…

    If there was some sort of warning before… we would have prepared better to be good at adulting.


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