Over the last few weeks I’ve been reminiscing with my family over childhood experiences watched through precious camcorder captured moments. Watching myself twirl and spin so carefree in a ball pit playhouse with my younger sister and older brother. The naivety of a child so endearing. Pondering the question, when do we lose our innocence? And echoing the classic response to recollections of the past, why do we have to grow up?

Innocence, oblivion to wrongdoing. Blissfully unaware of an imperfect world. To run aimlessly around with other little beings who have no understanding of human nature. Bellowing loudly the injustice committed by your older sibling who has drank some of your carton juice then had the audacity to smile cheekily at your parent as though no crime had been committed. To the incredible sensation of eating ice cream in such a manner that your top lip becomes coated in a soft, creamy texture. To flapping your arms carelessly in an outdoor swimming pool. The warmth of the sun beating down on your supple face and the coolness of the water running over you like a waterfall, leaving your body glistening. To climbing up high on playground ropes with no sense of fear because the higher you climbed the freer you felt.

To those close connections once shared with other little beings called our best friends. Hugging them tightly with bright eyes and a beaming smile. Innocently believing you were inseparable. Ditching your parents guiding hand as you surprisingly spot your little friends in the park. Overwhelming joy rushing into your heart and griping your raised hands and sprawled fingers. Giddily talking to each other about your summer adventures and the latest gadget gifted to you by your favourite uncle. Promising each other to always stay in touch as adult choices create physical distance between the friendship.

Playfighting with your siblings and feeling highly accomplished once you down a bucket of ice-cold water over them in revenge for teasing you about your insecurities. Laughing loud with a belly full of food as you watch your sibling re-enact scenes from movies and belt out their favourite rhymical songs. To feeling the tender comfort provided by your sibling who notices the distress in your eyes when dangerous antics leave you bruised and sore. To taking the opportunity when at a family party with your siblings to stuff your mouth full of sweets and chocolates while your parents are preoccupied with family affairs. Though you’re unsurprisingly unwell the next day, the cheeky behaviour was most definitely worth it.

Recollection of these memories makes me smile then muse.

Innocence, lost or do we just acquire more knowledge of the world around us

Share with me your thoughts, can we maintain innocence into adulthood?



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