Word play

Logophile, a lover of words.


I love learning new words.

I love how my brain thinks of words,

Especially ones I’ve never spoken aloud.


My new word,


Swirled randomly into my head

And just stuck.


Crazy, I know.


Words of affirmation,

For sure,

Is my love language.


I guess my brain searches for new words,

As I read junk emails,

Ponder over conversations,

Re-read book chapters,

And get easily consumed by distracting pieces of information.


Scripted words repeated again,

As I replay scenes from TV shows and movies.

A strange behaviour at first,

Which became a habit,

Then slowly aggravated my sister.


Simmering emotions,

Stirring up feelings,

Setting the scene,

Words are wondrous.


Such gravity they bear,

For an invisible weight.

A power unseen,

I’ve come to appreciate.


Spoken into existence,

Words are moving.

Changing atmospheres,

Even turning lives around.


Though I may struggle to articulate some,

This space right here,

I adore.

To express myself so freely,

Is a beauty in disguise.


About to fall asleep,

I woke up to write this.


I love it,

I really do.


Find your creative outlet and run with it.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

‘Processus habeat fiduciam’ – Latin



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