New beginnings

Sweaty palms dampen iridescent clothing,

Heart thuds frantically within chest,

Moisture droplets reside heavily on forehead,

While cheeks uncomfortably shimmer.


Surroundings are familiar

But now the role has changed.


Words of encouragement flutter from lips,

Head high shoulders raised,

Bracing ourselves.


Excitement ignites within,

Accompanied with unease,

Too heavy to shift.


Recollecting past experiences fleetingly reassures,

Flickering forward to the present,

The heart gulps.


A smile a nod a title call,

Reality strikes the ankle,

Thankfully, a buckle not a fall.


Remembering all have felt this way

For an unknown journey ahead.


Spectating no more,

Front and centre,

Standing tall.


Relief ensues in recognition of familiarity,

The approving ‘yes’ and grateful ‘thank you’,

Imposter syndrome slowly fades,

As self-belief rises.


To cast away the anchor of doubt,

We may.


Starting anything new is always a thrilling experience bursting with conflicting emotions.

Role with it.

It will be worth it in the end.




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