Subconsciously we all seek it through the vast array of mediums in life. 

To some a lifeline, others a niggle too tight to shake off.

I ponder…

Rummaging in my mind how we come about placing standards in our lives 

When life is an expansive diversity of living beings.

Affirmation, to state publicly.

Our friendships, relationships, family, finances, job, health, appearance, lifestyle,

When thriving provides assurance that we’re good.

Though when these mediums fail to provide us the approval we need 

Our sense of worth crumbles. 

How then can we live wholesomely depending on such inconsistent mediums,

Such invariably fluctuating podiums of life.

To say confidently we are enough irrespective of the state of our podiums, 

Requires hope in an existence unlike us. 

We are all changing, fallible substances not in control of the great wonders of life;

Of organisms too small to be seen with the unaided eye, of destructive and

nourishing weather and the most precious called time.

How beautifully imperfect we all are, such that our validation can truly only come from, 

A faultless existence.  


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