The two-sided coin

Though we exist as one, in our mind there’s two. Reality vs. dreamer. The dreamer envisions our idealistic selves and desirable expectations. It runs free with endless possibilities, unshackled and weightless, detached from present circumstances. Prancing around with explosive emotions which scatter silently around the feet like rain drops. Conflicting descriptions you ponder but to dream is to believe in unusual wonder. Skipping forward it never looks back, for what lies ahead is most certainly magnificent. The sureness is what I adore. A confidence so alluring, to boldly partake in spontaneous adventure fearing nothing and seeing no risk. To believe confidently in future desires as though it were the present moment. How incredibly exhilarating. An unbelievable existence to comprehend, the future and the present both existing as one. Ha! What a dreamer.

Reality an ever-present moment, so real that though we may sometimes flutter away, a touch by another brings us back to today. Being present is a mastery of its own, when contending with the multitude of distractions that sweep in and take us away. To sit and chat, spend time with one another, now a focus like no other. Appreciation of what currently exists is to live in the moment. Staring right back with beaming eyes and a gentle smile is our gratitude for the present day. At times realness can be raw and ravaging. Struggling to understand why things are and what our feelings and subconscious responses to lived moments mean. An overbearing almost suffocating experience. Our troubles and life’s tough piercing truths can almost cast us away. Though these present challenges strike hard, the ignition for learning and growth is fierce. Remember, it’s a two-sided coin.

Spin the coin and wish for the dreamer. Reality we have so one must hope for more.


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